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About Di Carini Kennel

Di Carini Kennel was established in 2006. Kennel headquarters is in the city of Kragujevac, central Serbia, 120 km away from the capital, Belgrade. It was named after the town Carini, not far from Palermo, Sicily, from where I imported my first Neapolitan Mastiffs. Work on breeding and raising my dogs started with import of dogs of the most quality and famous bloodlines: Del Castellaccio, Ardolino and dello Stradone Vesuviano.

Love for this noble dog breed encouraged me to make possible for dogs in Di Carini Kennel, with proper selection of animals for further breeding, to improve in respect of health, functionality, and thereby to be typical representatives of their breed. Additionally, we did not miss results on big exhibitions, both on ones specialized for the breed, and on European and World exhibitions, as well as on exhibitions of international and national character.

Di Carini is represented by a team that supports work with dogs. We make joint efforts and work, first of all, out of love for this beautiful dog breed. Health, functionality, balanced character and outstanding features are something we shall mostly strive towards in the future.